Synopsis: Childhood friends are trying to carve out their own piece of infamy online by staging exorcists and selling bunk merch. Wanting to increase their following, the two struggle to come up with the next big hit, that is until an actual demon appears before them. Now with time counting down, the friends must learn the […]

As an aficionado of the dark side of cinema, I am constantly seeking out new films. While on my journey I come across lists featuring the worlds most extreme and disturbing cinema. While a few unknown gems pop up from time, to time it’s usually made up of the same 10 or 20 films, Salo, […]

Synopsis: An aged mortician meets a young girl interested in working for him, as the two go about the duties of the job he relates the tragic stories of the deceased. However, as the night unfolds it becomes apparent that both him and the girl hold a secret, one that leads into the final tale and […]

Hi, Joseph here, and today I’m going to talk about videogame horror, and why it’s an entirely separate (and arguably superior) medium. If you told a much younger Joseph that, one day, he would be playing a game where a giant hideous extra-terrestrial being would chase him down and impale him through the stomach, he […]

  Do something for me first, before you start reading. Put on the soundtrack to Transistor – the developers, Supergiant Games kindly uploaded it for you to listen to. I’m sat here typing this article now with the music playing. Take the time and get into the mood for a world ending… Something else. If […]

Synopsis: After a series of sexually violent crimes strikes terror into a small town, a doctor becomes to suspect that the source may be something beyond human understanding. The first lead comes when a young man confesses he is the one to blame for the crimes. However, his belief that his dreams are the source of […]

Synopsis: Based off the manga of the same name, Cat Soup follows the misadventures of two siblings as they struggle for survival in a bizarre and dangerous landscape. Largely free of dialogue, the story largely centers around the quest to retrieve the soul of the older sibling. However, the abstract approach makes for a film open […]

Hey everyone, Joe here and today I want to talk about podcasts. More specifically, audio-drama horror podcasts. So what makes a horror audio-drama podcast special? Or, maybe I can make my point with another question: What makes a horror movie special? Horror movies are generally known because they make you feel some form of dread, […]

In Japan at Kichijōji, there is a restobar, referred to as ‘izakaya’ type for the thematic experience. Based around Yurei as horrifying folklore and including all kinds of tributes to J-Horror, it’s even named after Yurei, as ‘吉祥寺 遊麗!’ (interestingly our brand) Gloomy in atmosphere from the spooky music to ghastly décor, and serving a variety of […]