The Yurei & The Banshee

          The Yurei

The Yurei is a branch in the Grimoire of Horror which focuses on Asian horror reviews, analysis and news: Japanese folklore, J-Horror, horror manga like Junji Ito, kaiju mythology and cult East Asian cinema.



       The Banshee

The Banshee is a branch in the Grimoire of Horror which specialises in mainstream horror: creepy mythology, horror culture, true crime, creepypasta and Western horror cinema from Giallo to slashers.


We are committed to the utmost editorial standards.

The Grimoire of Horror is a horror orientated media organisation which conjures folkloric entities to denote the specific theme each branch covers: The Yurei (East Asian horror) and The Banshee (mainstream horror). Our objective is to passionately embrace and explore horror media incisively in a way that’s not overlooked – appreciating the genre with the artistic merit it deserves. 


We fully intend to be a media platform for quality insights, analysis and reviews of the macabre culturally in all facets: film, literature and culture at large – organising such content in a minimalistic way. Asian horror is our primary focus, denoted by ‘The Yurei’, but we are rapidly expanding with unexpected momentum.


Our team will strive to produce consistent, comprehensive content regarding horror and oversee an integrated grassroots strategy to be confident we have an active, relevant connection to our followers across platforms – not to mention their endorsement. 

Our Vision


Distributor Media Relations

We will happily use our respected reputation to objectively review and present any upcoming media to facilitate reasonable exposure. We have collaborated successfully with Third Window Films, Abaze, Yen Press, Arrow Video, Shudder, Midori Impuls, 101 Films, Crescendo House , Cemetery Dance, Jinga Films, and Tetro.


Horror Communities

We oversee horror communities with upwards of 300k members and FB pages with up to a million views monthly – all a well managed network to our stringent standards. Communities are a bridgehead to influence where it matters and we believe in fans, as we are fundamentally, being pivotal to our agenda of being an intimate brand.


Festival Coverage

We will cover festivals for exclusive, early access, enabling us to report on upcoming talent/media and provide fair scrutiny to these. We have proudly covered Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, Nightstream, GrimmFest, Dracula Film Fest, TADFF and JFFH – a list which will only continue to expand as we consolidate our reputation.