Synopsis: An aged mortician meets a young girl interested in working for him, as the two go about the duties of the job he relates the tragic stories of the deceased. However, as the night unfolds it becomes apparent that both him and the girl hold a secret, one that leads into the final tale and chilling conclusion.

Official Poster for The Mortuary Collection


  • Amazing mix of special and practical effects
  • While some segments are better that others, none of them derail the production.
  • A strong, somewhat unpredictable, twist in the over-arching story.
  • Good casting for each segment.
  • Despite graphic content, tone plays well into the lighter Halloween fare.
  • Poppy aesthetic that adds charm to the visuals.
  • Good dose of dark comedy throughout.
  • Creature design is great


  • Some shorts weaker than others, which is the case for every anthology.
  • The idea of the anthology as a morality play is a bit uneven in execution
  • Stories could have used with a dose of surrealism, as the second segment has one of the strongest visuals when indulging in fantasy based horror.
Snooping can have dangerous consequences in “The Mortuary Collection”

General Thoughts

Every year around Halloween, there seems to be a slew of anthology films released, as the genre tends to bring a certain nostalgia to horror fans. Whether it be episodic shows like Tales From The CryptAre you Afraid of the Dark?  and Twilight Zone, or feature films like Creepshow and Tales From The Darkside, the format has become cemented in the mind of horror fans. 

With that said, the popularity of the anthology film does not mean that all entries are great. Every year there are countless tedious and underrealized films in the format that fail to grasp the charm of the past eras, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

The Mortuary Collection certainly reaches moments of greatness, making it ideal for the season, but at times feels lackluster and preachy in odd ways. 

Final Verdict

Streaming platform Shudder certainly has a hit title on their hands, and it seems like though word of mouth this anthology film is bound to become a staple this Halloween. It does not quite live up to other iconic Halloween horror anthologies, such as Trick R’ Treat, and its tendency to be preachy may hurt longevity. It is undeniably not a timeless homage to the season like the previously mentioned title.

Overall, it is a fun deviation with some solid creature design and a decent set of stories. It will become a classic to some, and for others it will fade into obscurity after a few more Halloween seasons pass and we get more standouts in the format.

* The points that address morality are suitable and the critique is more with burnout of messaging across most media. Additionally, given the prevalence of injecting social commentary into entertainment this may still appeal to the majority.

Final Score

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