Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion is a 1972 Japanese exploitation flick of the 70’s, closely tied into the ‘Pinku eiga’ genre for the flippant erotica, with all the tropes of a grindhouse instalment – unabashed violence, casual nudity, exaggerated villains and farcical action. Campy as they are wild, these films are frequently a guilty pleasure to […]

The Dish Mansion at Banchō Ghost

Banchō Sarayashiki, translated to ‘The Dish Mansion at Banchō’, has a strong legacy in Japan as a kaidan (Japanese ghost story) since 1741, it has been adapted in various ways (e.g. manga, novella, television series) and depicted in the ever enduring ukiyo-e. A bunraku play titled ‘Banchō Sarayashiki’ was performed at the Toyotakeza theatre in […]


We have a short, masterful Japanese horror film that is available on Youtube from the infamous ”nana825763‘ who also produced the viral videos of ‘Doll’ and ‘Username 666‘ a decade ago, two much less ambitious projects as mere animations over any coherent cinematic effort. This 2016 release was unfortunately neglected from deserved attention – it […]

Hyakki Yagyō, translated to ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’, is a supernatural event in Japanese folklore whereby yōkai of all kinds assemble – sometimes reportedly led by ‘Nurarihyon‘ – and march festively as an orderly procession throughout the night, escalating into chaotic riots on some occasions. Anybody unfortunate to encounter the parade will not […]

Confessions (Kokuhaku in Japan) is a 2010 revenge thriller based on Kanae Minato’s critically acclaimed debut novel. From director Tetsuya Nakashima who also produced the visually bubbly ‘Kamikaze Girls‘ and highly introspective ‘Memories of Matsuko‘, his signatures as an auteur filmmaker are throughout – hyperreal filters, ethereal music and illuminating colours all providing an overwhelming […]


We will be examining a classic Japanese film on 17th century samurai as both a faithful homage to their traditions while a deep critique to the virtues instilled – a refocus from all the horror as a cult classic. The film is Harakiri (1962) – named after ‘self-inflicted disembowelment‘ – from Masaki Kobayashi, who also […]

Higurashi When They Cry, or Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in Japanese, is an sprawling franchise of Ryukishi 07 – starting with the amateurish visual novel series in 2002 only initially selling fifteen copies, produced by ’07th Expansion’ and subsequently adapted onto practically every platform to amass exceptional sales. The series encompasses two live film, […]

The Laughing Vampire, or Warau Kyuuketsuki in Japanese, is a shocking two volume series of the Suehiro Maruo and follows the vampire of Rakuda as she first emerges from parallel scenes of atomic destruction in World War 2 – evil was already amongst us as despairing truth. In Japan, she subsequently stalks a corrupted modern […]

Silent Hill Arrival Sign

Silent Hill is potentially coming for 2020. An industry insider has disclosed an upcoming announcement for Silent Hill at a future convention we cannot legally mention, which may or may not involve Kojima’s shock return. In the event this does not proceed as foreseen, our private sources reveal it may indicate the plan of a […]

With a retro approach to rudimentary mechanics, and grim pixelated presentation, World of Horror is a passionate tribute to J-Horror; notably towards the eminent horror mangaka ‘Junji Ito’ who specializes in grotesque body horror. With all kinds of quirky protagonists as ‘investigators’, whether the more hardboiled Lovecraftian private eye in a noir fashion or an […]