review of netflix sweet home

Sweet Home, a South Korean horror TV show based on a webtoon of the same name, is a story about an epidemic that causes humans to transform into horrific monsters, centering on the trapped residents of the Green Home housing complex as they battle to survive. On the surface this is fairly straightforward; a ragtag […]

Reading Club is advertised as the first Korean horror comic for girls. That line alone enticed me enough to pick it up over a decade ago from Udon Entertainment. Many of the main characters are female, including an amazing coroner that gives Abbey from NCIS a run for her money. Fans of the Whispering Corridors […]

Stoker is one of my favorite films. I’ve watched it over ten times, and insisted that nearly everyone close to me watch it. Immediately upon finishing my first viewing of a library copy, I went online to purchase my own. Directed by Park Chan-wook in his English language debut, Stoker features prolific Hollywood actors such […]

2020 has been a turbulent year, with many productions being delayed into 2021, or outright canceled. However, that did not stop some great films from coming out in 2020. Here at the Grimoire we reached out to our writers and contributors of the site and our Facebook pages, The Banshee and The Yurei, and asked […]