Spookies Composition pic

Ever since I was a small child, I have had a fascination with monster movies. They bring back nostalgic memories of sitting for hours on end, watching black and white monster movies and being mesmerized by the obscure stories and practical special effects, helping form my strong love for them both in later life. Being […]

Uncle Peckerhead review

Directed by Matthew John Lawrence; Starring  Chet Siegel, David Littleton, Ruby McCollister, and Jeff Riddle Uncle Peckerhead follows Judy and her indie punk band’s attempt to have a successful tour. Everything gets off to a bad start when their van is repo-ed and they are forced to take assistance from a stranger with a van […]

On occasion, fervent film fans will find a title that confers an unforgettable experience; one that may require an existing predilection. For me, Tokyo Gore Police is one of those titles. Having watched the red-band trailer numerous times before the film’s release, I expected to have already seen all of its best moments, but I […]

Diary of Serial Killer Poster

We have here quick review of Norman Chan’s nasty little CAT III number, DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER [1995], starring Power Chan (THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA [1995]) and Strawberry Yeung (KICKBOXER [1989]). As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, CAT III cinema isn’t really the kind of thing you’d gather the family together to watch, […]

Backwoods slashers are a dime a dozen and there’s not a lot that we haven’t seen. That said, the ones we get to see are usually of the American variety, so I wonder how other countries give their rendition of such a well-worn subgenre. I’m actually a big slasher fan and usually game for anything. […]

What’s up sickos. Felix here to give you my thoughts on the American Guinea Pig series. This continuation of the Japanese cult series comes courtesy of the fine folks at Unearthed Films. Who have been delivering the filthiest films from around the world to gore-hounds everywhere for over 18 years now. If you’re a horror […]

The horror genre has been flooded with a ton of films and sometimes certain gems can slip through the cracks, and go unseen for a long time. Enter “Dead Snow”. I’ve seen it for the first time recently and thought I’d like to give you my two cents. WHAT IS IT? Directed by Tommy Wirkola, […]