Agony film review

Harkening back to the golden era of Italian cinema, Agony features giallo starlet Asia Argento and the iconic Franco Nero.  Billed as an homage to Italian giallo cinema and led by two notable actors to come out of the scene (Well Nero from Spaghetti Westerns, but you catch my drift),  I was pretty excited to […]

Two of the things I liked about You’re Next (directed by Adam Wingard, written by Simon Barrett) is a crafty and feisty final girl and a quick-witted script. With Seance, Mr. Barrett takes over both writing and directing duties on his own to great success.   WHAT IS IT? Directed by Simon Barrett, Seance is […]

Italian Giallo cinema holds a special place among horror fans and cinephiles alike, myself included. Consequently, anytime a production tries to harken back to the era of black glove wielding killers, there is always appeal and hope to capture the stylized violence of that era. Enter, Nightmare Symphony written by the Italian screenwriter Antonio Tentori […]


With the city streets pouring rain, soaked in the red neon haze, a small dilatated theater runs a horror movie to an audience of several people. Little do they know, a killer prowls in the theater and is collecting the eyes of his victims. An engineering student filling in for her sickly father witnesses ghastly […]