House 1977 Horror Comedy

Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House (1977) is memorable as a haunted house movie which defines itself through a whimsical absurdity forming a reality independent from any conventional filmmaking. It presents a cartoonish vision of our world, strange as the uncanny artificial foregrounds and otherworldly lighting; ultimately resembling a family-friendly film distorted into the surrealism of slapstick horrors. […]

Best cult musicals horror

 The musical, as a genre, is one which does not vibe to everyone’s tastes. While the generic and predictable musicals that make up a lot of Disney’s animated world stays prevalent, Hollywood has long since given up on the genre with only the odd project steeped in nostalgia making it into award season. That said, […]

Alice in Borderland Netflix

The “trapped in sadistic games” subgenre is a pretty underpopulated one at present. We have the Saw franchise, and soon its spin off Spiral. We have the Cube films, one of which is pretty great and the rest of which are pretty made for TV. There’s The Collector, I guess, but that’s more a reverse […]

review of netflix sweet home

Sweet Home, a South Korean horror TV show based on a webtoon of the same name, is a story about an epidemic that causes humans to transform into horrific monsters, centering on the trapped residents of the Green Home housing complex as they battle to survive. On the surface this is fairly straightforward; a ragtag […]

Avatar Wada Review

Today I want to talk about a little film called Avatar. No, not the bloated CGI-laden thinly-veiled sci-fi retelling of Disney’s Pocahontas directed by James Cameron Avatar, I’m talking about the 2011 J-Horror movie directed by Atsushi Wada. Sure, it’s the only Japanese horror film with the title but unfortunately, the general headspace for most […]

“You’re going to be all right. You just stumbled over a stone in the road. It means nothing. Your goal lies far beyond this. Doesn’t it? I’m sure you’ll overcome this. You’ll walk again… soon.” On May 6th, 2021, we lost one of the greatest creative minds of our time. While the masses may not […]

Biotherapy 1986

Biotherapy is a Japanese 1986 sci-fi horror that’s aptly described as a slasher merged into a splatter creature feature. The short movie was released as a project from the limited career of director Akihiro Kashima and it dismays me how we never had the opportunity for more of such fun productions – the splatterpunk scene […]

The Kisaragi Station

The Kisaragi Station is a Japanese urban legend originating on the 2Ch message boards in 2004 and revolves around private railway at Shizuoka. Shared as an anecdote in the thread ‘Post About Strange Occurrences Around You: Thread 26’, the tale recounted how the anonymous user – who was later identified as ‘Hasumi’ – awoke in […]

Kyosuke Tchinai Art

I’d like to highlight the a Japanese artist: Kyosuke TCHINAÏ. Born in 1948 in Ehime (under the name of Namikata Ohchi), he studied fine art at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. He’s known for his haunting depictions of the marvels of nature, but also painted representations of specific time periods […]

Next Door

Junji Ito has become one of the most popular an influential creators within the modern horror landscape, with his style permeating across continental borders to make him a household name among the fandom. Unsurprisingly, many creators have become inspired by the twisted visions of Ito and his work has become influential across various mediums. Enter NextDoor,  […]