Agony film review

Harkening back to the golden era of Italian cinema, Agony features giallo starlet Asia Argento and the iconic Franco Nero.  Billed as an homage to Italian giallo cinema and led by two notable actors to come out of the scene (Well Nero from Spaghetti Westerns, but you catch my drift),  I was pretty excited to […]

Sometimes, in one’s desperate search for something to watch, you may find yourself eenie-meenie-miney-moeing your way into a movie you haven’t heard of, and therefore have no expectations for. With the (free) movie streaming app Tubi and its surprisingly wide library of B horror movies and hidden gems, where does A Zombie Exorcism (or Opstandelsen, […]

X-Ray Horror Film Review 1981

*This is a guest article from Weirdling Wolf for the Grimoire of Horror! X-Ray has proven to be another welcome resurrection of a long-neglected slasher, helmed by genre polymath Boaz Davison; a sterling filmmaker who has been attached to many action/exploitation titles I have considerable fondness for. About ten years ago, I watched a poor VHS […]

Best cult musicals horror

 The musical, as a genre, is one which does not vibe to everyone’s tastes. While the generic and predictable musicals that make up a lot of Disney’s animated world stays prevalent, Hollywood has long since given up on the genre with only the odd project steeped in nostalgia making it into award season. That said, […]


Now that we have watched all four seasons of Call My Agent, some of us several times, we need something fresh from Netfilx or anywhere else to keep lockdown boredom at bay. There‚Äôs not much coming from Hollywood and absolutely nothing from the Marvel Universe. Star Wars trilogies? Insult to intelligence, an abomination to the […]

It may seem odd to call a film as austere and violent as Undergods beautiful, with its bleak tones against a setting reminiscent of Cold War Era Brutalist architecture, all populated with unhappy violent people. However the cinematic achievement of the film lies in appreciating the soft visual touches and peeks at vulnerable humanity beneath […]

Dusk cover image

Due to the current climate in the gaming market, I have become bored with most triple A game titles. With many being released in an unplayable state, requiring ‘Day One’ patches before the game is even accessible and controversy after controversy from game studios becoming all the more common. As a result, I found myself […]

Books are a great storytelling tool for its almost limitless potential. You don’t have to worry about acting or special effects. You just have to make sure that, well, the writing is good. The slasher is one of my absolute favorite subgenres of horror and to see it unhampered in this novel by Ivy Tholen […]

Check out our newest interview with James Cilano and Alex DiVincenzo, the masterminds behind Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan. They have been hard at work releasing beloved classics as well as new fan favorite horror films on VHS. We were delighted to get a chance to speak to them about the love of VHS, […]

Two of the things I liked about You’re Next (directed by Adam Wingard, written by Simon Barrett) is a crafty and feisty final girl and a quick-witted script. With Seance, Mr. Barrett takes over both writing and directing duties on his own to great success.   WHAT IS IT? Directed by Simon Barrett, Seance is […]