2020 has been a turbulent year, with many productions being delayed into 2021, or outright canceled. However, that did not stop some great films from coming out in 2020. Here at the Grimoire we reached out to our writers and contributors of the site and our Facebook pages, The Banshee and The Yurei, and asked […]

Hi, Joseph here, and today I’m going to talk about videogame horror, and why it’s an entirely separate (and arguably superior) medium. If you told a much younger Joseph that, one day, he would be playing a game where a giant hideous extra-terrestrial being would chase him down and impale him through the stomach, he […]

Hey everyone, Joe here and today I want to talk about podcasts. More specifically, audio-drama horror podcasts. So what makes a horror audio-drama podcast special? Or, maybe I can make my point with another question: What makes a horror movie special? Horror movies are generally known because they make you feel some form of dread, […]

Gōjin Ishihara is a Showa-period Japanese artist who did ghastly illustrations of yokai in Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters (1972) with a mastery of Indian ink for comic-esque vibrancy in absolutely mesmerizing scenes of chaos. Additionaly, the artist offered his talent within many other educational books on monsters, and later produced weird fiction with strong eroticism […]