Here for Blood 2022

Here for Blood (2022) truly lives up to its name, catering to those with an insatiable appetite for wicked and outrageous carnage. Yet, beneath this tongue-in-cheek horror, resides a familiar trope that functions so effectively, that it will compel you to reconsider your love-and-hate affinity for campy horror productions.

Director Daniel Turres undoubtedly possesses the knack for infusing a breath of novelty into the worn-out home invasion genre, thanks to his burgeoning horror vision. Consider this: an amateur wrestler (Shawn Roberts) steps into the role of babysitter for his girlfriend (Joelle Farrow) in a wealthy household. All the while, a conspiracy unfurls within the confines of the house over the course of a single night. A recipe for trouble, isn’t it? Now, imagine intertwining these events with cultish elements and a dash of unforgettable, unforeseeable brawls.


Here for Blood 2022

One of the most conspicuous aspects that renders this campy horror a must-watch is its unbridled gore, seamlessly complementing every other facet of the film. To put it succinctly, the gore isn’t taken for granted; each splatter serves as a catalyst for both the horror and dark humor, effectively offsetting certain shortcomings of the film. The artful bloodshed stands out due to its capacity to propel humor through its extravagant, well-timed comedic overtones.

Consider, for instance, the scenes where the level of violence escalates to the point that suggests an internal reservoir of pent-up anger, yearning for release in a rather unique manner. What adds an extra layer of amusement is the fact that the main couple protagonists are both grappling with their own sources of stress.


Here for Blood 2022

The college student finds herself burdened by an impending paper deadline, while the amateur wrestler feels the strain of not reaping substantial rewards from his passion. This juxtaposition creates a scenario where their suppressed frustrations seem to materialize in the form of the most graphic and uproarious manifestations possible.

Furthermore, the film employs a recurring gore motif, skillfully utilizing repetition to portray how each character meets their grisly fate in distinctive scenes. For example, the scene where victims are being gruesomely dismembered. We see this type of kill through the perspectives of the antagonist and the two protagonists. Each character infuses their own unique flair and humor into these moments of brutality.


Here for Blood 2022

Another form of repetition is the ingenious incorporation of a kitchen stove as an unconventional means to seal wounds. This creative approach is adopted by both the protagonists and the antagonists, leading to comically varied outcomes. By revisiting and reinterpreting specific gore setups within different contexts, the film achieves an unparalleled level of distinction, rendering the gore remarkably extraordinary and etched into memory.

While the humor could potentially be attributed to the dialogue, its true essence finds justification in the impeccably timed interplay of gore and comedy. Particularly noteworthy is a scene where a specific killing is choreographed in sync with the haunting musical score. This sequence is masterfully executed, catching the audience off guard and effectively foreshadowing the escalating unpredictability that pervades the following scenes. It’s a film that doesn’t take itself seriously, and we are all here for it!


Here for Blood 2022

Naturally, with a wrestler as the central character, we anticipate a solid homage to wrestling, and the film somehow delivers on that front. Several scenes showcase the amateur wrestler deftly employing wrestling moves against the home invaders. While we might not witness the inclusion of iconic wrestling maneuvers, the fact that they haven’t overlooked this aspect is appreciated. A particularly cherished wrestling reference emerges when certain characters enthusiastically jeer and cheer as the amateur wrestler takes on each adversary. The atmosphere resembles that of an actual wrestling match, prompting us to join in.

Furthermore, while role-switching is not an unfamiliar concept in cinema, Here for Blood gracefully integrates inclusivity. Throughout the narrative, a diverse array of characters displays a willingness to engage in combat. The willingness for a bloodbath extends universally, a facet that might appear disconcerting due to the absence of elaborate emotional buildup. Notably, the film refrains from perpetuating the damsel-in-distress trope; even the female characters consistently rescue the brawny wrestler whenever he’s on the brink of defeat.

Here for Blood is a continuous stream of surprising experiences as the plot unfolds. Yet, the wonders don’t conclude there; a twist emerges that you wouldn’t see from a mile away! Remarkably, this narrative turn seamlessly integrates into the fabric of the story. This likely occurs due to the exhilarating nature of the events right from the opening scene. The film culminates in a tantalizing cliffhanger that hints at the possibility of a sequel. Whatever Turres is cooking, we obviously want more!


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