Covering all things scatological, Unco Film Festival is back with its twelfth installment of excreta exploration. Hosted by legendary mangaka Shintaro Kago, the festival displays the work of independent filmmakers and animators whose work covers the taboo subject of bodily waste.

Live-streamed on YouTube, the two-hour-long festival contains the work of 28 artists in hopes of taking home a Golden Turd award for best work (I’m not joking). We decided to get dirty and check out this unique little festival and help break it down–below are some of the highlights that floated to the top of the pile for us.

Organic Ice Cream

In this animated short, a young girl buys her flavored ice cream but its origins are not what they seem.

What starts out as a fairly innocent story quickly becomes rather dark after lifting the veil to reveal this soft serve is produced by force-feeding a confined person a particular flavor and harvesting the final product for distribution. Utilizing a fairly simple style, this western animation focuses almost entirely on its visuals to deliver its shocking story of scatophagy. 

However, the short only alludes to the consumption of this ice-cold snack rather than an actual visualization (unlike others shown at the festival), although this is still scandalous by insinuation.


A group of ladies on a drunken night out visit a local food emporium, whose food seems to consist of a not-so-secret ingredient.

Contrary to the previously mentioned short, S***burger certainly has an unflinching focus on Coprophagia. The short could be a serious statement on the food we put into our body on a daily basis and the damage this prolonged use could bring… or it could be a short story about eating poop, the choice is yours!


An experimental art film.

A veritable assault on the senses, the short features the use of layered Gifs and video editing overlays as well as distorted noise to create something that is difficult to describe in human words. This piece of media is one best experienced to possibly try to comprehend its content.

My Poopfriend

A poignant story of love and loss from a Coprophiliac.

Who does not want a poop friend to help prop them up during the bad times and remind them that sometimes life stinks, but that things will be okay?

Being told through the medium of stop motion and toilet paper, the short tells of the fecal follies of a young man that creates the love of his life as a newly realized Coprophiliac. Though as time goes on and inevitably becomes stale (both the relationship and his ever-drying girlfriend), his stool spouse eventually leaves him.

Although the story is as aged as time, both the content and medium are a unique addition to both.


A two-chapter story of a man defecating.

Featuring a trippy animation style as well as VHS scan lines and color blur; the first chapter features an unknown man escaping his bowels on the floor. Chapter 2 displays the man arriving at the same location, only for his waste to return whence it came.

The mix of animation style along with the VHS effects (whether authentic or added post-production) blend uniquely well together, creating some gorgeous yet shocking graphics overall.

Hazel’s Way

Unco Film Festival

The exciting life of an abandoned turd.

Featuring a basic animation style of line art on a solid white background, the short follows the unusual existence of some droppings of unknown origin. From being stepped in to being snorted (of all things), this silent piece follows the momentary subsistence of this piece of waste until it is no more than a smear on the floor.


Does exactly what it says on the tin.

An incredibly short piece of media, this seventeen-second digital animation features a forever looping tight panning shot of a pair of giant testicles walking on a patch of grass. The tight loop of the camera’s angle causes an effect that is obnoxiously disorientating. It took less than five seconds to deliver a feeling similar to vertigo that endured for a fair period afterward.

I would avoid it if you suffer from travel sickness, but definitely check out if you are a fan of balls.


A tiny man is forced to live in a jar of his own waste.

Residing on a pantry shelf, a tiny human exists in a mason jar. As his bodily waste builds, toxic fumes overcome him until it is too much to bear, dying from a lack of oxygen. The short features a simplistic yet detailed animation design, implementing a great use of contrasting reds and greens to produce an aesthetically pleasing albeit short experience.

The Killer Pig

A crazy serial killer kidnaps a corrupt cop (an anthropomorphized pig) to add to his collection of torture victims.

Originally titled El Matapeurcos, this graphic claymation features intricate camera work along with smooth and purposeful animation to create an unusual tale of gore and torture. Lacking any real plot to speak of, the visceral detail displayed more than makes up for this minuscule story. If you watch only one short from the festival, let it be this one.

Conclusion AKA The Final Flush

These are but a handful of the short films and animations on display at Unco Film festival, the overall experience screams independence and was a joy to experience, just like a long bowel movement.

If any of these shorts have caught your attention (through interest or pure shock), the entire two-hour-long festival is available to watch below. So grab a bran muffin and a coffee and strap in for some fecal-themed entertainment.

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