Quite place 2 film review

Continuing on directly from the end of the first movie, after a quick Day 1 prologue showing off the initial stages of the invasion, A Quiet Place Part 2 follows the surviving family members as they escape their compromised safe haven taking a way to fight back against the monsters with them. The quality has […]

Alice in Borderland Netflix

The “trapped in sadistic games” subgenre is a pretty underpopulated one at present. We have the Saw franchise, and soon its spin off Spiral. We have the Cube films, one of which is pretty great and the rest of which are pretty made for TV. There’s The Collector, I guess, but that’s more a reverse […]

The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley itself is a simple, if interesting, phenomenon. When plotted on a graph expressing how acceptable a humanlike object is, it can be demonstrated that something not at all like a human is fine and then a perfect replica is again fine… Yet there is a drastic drop off before one of these […]


The Noppera-bō of Japan, while also known as the “faceless ghost”, isn’t actually one of the country’s Yurei despite being referred to as a ghost. It is in fact one of Japan’s many Yokai. Specifically one of the obake, or “changed creature”, subset of shape changing Yokai. These strange shapeshifters have a pretty simple goal: […]


Fear, to be afraid, is obviously a cornerstone of horror. Yet what exactly it is is specific and possible to explore. At its simplest fear is the anticipation. The “unpleasant emotion” that comes from being threatened, or from a potential threat to others. Fear is what builds up before something actually happens, or after an […]

In several places around the world where this folklore has survived over the years, despite frequent attempt by the church to crush it, there is a tradition of the Krampuslauf. Literal translation “Krampus Run”, this is more commonly known as the Krampus Parade. People dress up as the goat demon (and possible pagan god) Krampus, […]

This was way, way back in the Before Times when JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure wasn’t a weird looking Adventure Shonen filled with Stands, memes, and confusing masculinity. It actually started out as a martial arts based Horror Manga, like if Dragon Ball Z was about firing your Ki at Dracula instead of Space Napoleon. (Yes, I […]

Thalassaphobia, while not an officially recognised one under some medical manuals, comes under the umbrella heading of an environmental phobias. For all that it isn’t one of the better known or more common phobias, it can result in extreme reactions among case studies of sufferers. Flying over the ocean can trigger an episode, even just […]

What do traditional Romero zombies and VHS era classic mascot slashers have in common? They’re slow, but they’re implacable. They will just keep on coming, and coming, until you make a mistake or just get unlucky, until they inevitably catch you… Now, you know where this gets cool and more than a little primal? Human […]