Stigmatized Properties Film Review Hideo Nakata

It goes without saying that director Hideo Nakata is one of the most celebrated filmmakers when it comes to Japanese horror. Having helmed two exceptionally well-received adaptations of Koji Suzuki novels, Ringu and Dark Water, which were also heavily responsible for kicking off the J-horror boom overseas, Nakata has continued exploring the supernatural world in his work […]

To say that director Zack Snyder has had one hell of a year would be an incredible understatement, and I mean that in the best way possible. Anyone unfamiliar with the events that have transpired since his last film can easily find the details online, so I won’t reiterate them here. As Confucius once said, […]

One of the many perks of Blu-Ray re-releases is the granted ability to revisit a film that you otherwise might not have, or in some cases, the chance to check off a much anticipated first-time-watch from your bucket list. When it comes to Meatball Machine, I fall into the former. In fact, if memory serves […]

On occasion, fervent film fans will find a title that confers an unforgettable experience; one that may require an existing predilection. For me, Tokyo Gore Police is one of those titles. Having watched the red-band trailer numerous times before the film’s release, I expected to have already seen all of its best moments, but I […]

rokuroku film review

There is something incredibly endearing about anthology films, especially those among the horror genre. In fact, I would wager to say that this format of filmmaking works best with horror, seeing as how there are so many different sub genres to include and a diverse audience to satisfy. You can’t please everyone, as the saying […]

“People don’t really connect, you know.” A sentiment that is often shared among film fans about some of the most eminent artists in the industry is that they were and/or are “ahead of their time”. One name that comes to mind for many of us is Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who although has produced works of various […]

Most fans of Japanese urban legends will already be familiar with the Inunaki Tunnel. For those who are unfamiliar, this tunnel is said to lead to one of the most haunted places in Japan: a place where “The Japanese constitution is not in effect”. I imagine that any film studio with an ardor for horror […]