Mieruko-chan Anthology Comic is a 2023 compendium of short, one-shot manga based around the characters of Tomoki Izumi’s popular supernatural manga/anime Mieruko-chan. The anthology features work from Yousuke Katayama, Shuu Kageyama, Michiru Noroi, Yoshiyuki Nishi, Dora Urasaka, Satoshi Karasuya, Imari Arita, Shikiji Sorakura, Yakan Nabeya, Goumoto, Aki Mizuki, Harenochiame, and Sayman Downman.

“Creepy, crawly, grotesque… Such is the daily life of Miko and company when ghostly specters lurk around every corner. Meet a new cast of spine-tingling, bloodcurdling monsters in the official comic anthology!!”


Being an anthology, all of the stories featured in the manga have zero connection to each other or Izumi’s main series. With little influence from the main creator, the artists were given free rein to create whatever type of story took their fancy, with each artist utilising different themes to produce a unique narrative for the characters to traverse. Whilst each of the entries are vastly different from the other, they successfully capture the juxtaposition of the horrific supernatural visuals, moe slice-of-life aesthetics and, of course, the fan service that caught the attention of the public when the story was first released to Twitter in 2018.

However, a number of the stories featured in the Anthology feel far too brief in delivery (including one that’s only 2 pages long). Whilst their length doesn’t negate their strength or impact, their fleeting duration will certainly leave the audience craving additional content from certain entries. Despite this, each tale effortlessly weaves an intriguing portrayal of the original characters intermixed with the distinct supernatural horror that the series is known for.


Whilst these narratives are undoubtedly in line with the original creation, the featured designs from each artist certainly diverge into their own, unique style. While the character designs are still incredibly distinct and simple to discern, certain artists follow a modern approach to styles, with thin line art, full of tiny detail, while other artists implement a traditional style, with thick line art, employing a deeper manipulation of shading and shadows along with an air of surrealism such as the works of Hino and Kazuo.

Although not providing any narrative content, Izumi did provide artwork for the manga’s cover, with his own interpretation of a famous train scene from Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro. Furthermore, the manga features two, full-colour illustrations from Norio Sakurai and Ichiko Bukiyama, further adding to the long roster of artists that have collaboratively worked on the anthology.


An enjoyable but compendious read, the Mieruko-chan Anthology comic is perfect for fans of the original manga and anime who are still thirsty for more supernatural action wrapped in a slice-of-life package. With its differing art styles, captivating stories, and uncomplicated approachability; this anthology would be the perfect place for fans of the anime adaptation who are intimidated by manga to begin.

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Mieruko-chan Anthology Comic (2023) is available to purchase via Yen Press’ website here, as well as via Amazon here*.

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