Devilman Crybaby shocked audiences worldwide in 2018, reeling in a brand new generation of fans and refreshing the hearts of long-time ones alike. With it grueling atmosphere and modern re-telling of the manga, Crybaby came here to conquer the feelings of many. Now let’s go back in time to the 80s, where a similarly-accurate but different-in-style adaptation reigned freely: the Devilman OVAs.

A staple of 80s anime horror, the Devilman OVAs have proven to be a timeless classic. They provided a focus into producing an accurate adaptation of the 1972 Devilman manga by Go Nagai, down to the art style. Starting with Devilman: The Birth and concluding with Devilman: The Demon Bird, both cover the first half of the manga. Same as the manga, The Birth kicks off with two long time friends Ryo and Akira, whom seek to possess the treasure of Devilman: gaining the powers of a demon whilst retaining the soul of a man.

Devil Man Collage

The OVA’s have gained a small cult following over the years on the internet due to its hilarious English dub, which can only be described as ‘so bad it’s good’. Even for someone who is not a fan of the series, they would surely get a laugh out of the absurd voice acting!

Exemplifying the bonds of friendship, this two-part series shows what it means to stand together against all odds, even when Hell’s very own demons are breathing down one’s neck. An action-packed adventure, Devilman will leave the viewer wanting more, which leads into a very unfortunate truth: the series was never continued. Rather, a parody OVA named CB Chara Nagai Go World came out in 1991 which showcased a variety of colorful characters from most of Go Nagai’s works. While being a great OVA in itself, it doesn’t further adapt the manga and leaves the series at a standstill….

….That was until someone by the name of Masashi Yuasa decided to revive the series with an anime that has been branded as a modern classic! Make sure to check out both!



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