Prisoners of the Ghostland Film Review

Prisoners of the Ghostland wastes no time engaging viewers with its opening scene depicting the curious contrast of the stark white interior of a bank with its many patrons donned in bright vibrant solid colors. Seconds later, Nicolas Cage, as our lead simply dubbed Hero, bursts through the front door clad in black and wielding

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Suicide Circle Music

A young daughter, around four years old, watches a pop idol group cheerfully perform on tv with her father. Meanwhile in the kitchen, we see her mother dutifully preparing dinner, chopping up vegetables. The upbeat song audio continues as the daughter goes to check on dinner and ask her mother a question. The mom continues

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The Forest of Love is Japanese psychological horror and crime drama from the eminently brilliant director Sion Sono. The Japanese filmmaker is exceptional at depicting the drama of stranger facets to life, conveying dark poetry from said drama. This film follows a psychopath, who is based on a real life serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga, as he seduces, manipulates, terrorizes and coerces various impressionable people into his absolute control.