Harionago (針女子) also known as Harionna ( 針女) is a very dangerous yōkai that wanders darkened streets, alleyways, and roads at night, looking for unsuspecting victims to attack. It is unknown if the Harionago is a single entity, that roams all of Japan, or if there are multiple spirits that become Harionago, but in every recorded incident of one it never seems to change. Harionago is depicted, always, as a young and beautiful woman with flowing long black hair, around the ages of 18 to 29, always dressed beautifully.

It is said Harionago simply walks around, and any man to find her is entranced by her beauty almost immediately. The only way to avoid harm from Harionago seems to be ignoring her, which is always quite difficult, as the being seems to draw the attention of men regardless what she does. Harionago will smile, or goggle at men and approach them, and if they smile back, or even talk to her, she will let down her hair, which is her primary form of attack.

Harionago’ s hair is said to be bladed at the tips, for slashing, hooking into men, ensnaring them and ripping them apart. She hides the bloody, red tips of her hair when drawing in unwary victims. Many alterations to the story exist, as it is said sometimes her hair simply has hooks in the end, made of vicious metal, and sometimes it is said there are no hooks at all, and her hair is sharp to the touch, but regardless of these accounts, you should simply just avoid her hair.

Harionago can control her hair, almost like living snakes, and it is very rare for people to survive her attacks but there are stories of people getting away from Harionago. Being wary of her and being ready to run seem to be the only precaution you can take, as she will continue to attack you until dawn.

One story tells of a man who managed to slip away before being ensnared, and locking himself in his home until dawn. When he stepped outside, he saw that his door had thousands of deep, small slashes that would have bled a normal man dry.

The only people safe from Harionago seem to be women and children, as she explicitly targets young and older men. It is unknown if she targets womanizing men, and misogynist men, but it may just be the case that any man will do. She exists as a cautionary tale to younger teens, about the warnings of bringing home strange women they meet on streets or at bars.

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