The Ghost Station 2022

The Ghost Station is a 2022 South Korean horror thriller, written and directed by Yong-ki Jeong, with additional writing from Soyoung Lee, c, and Koji Shiraishi. Takahashi and Shiraishi are incredibly well-known in Japanese cinema, working on such horror classics as Ringu (1998) and Noroi (2005) respectively. On the other hand, Yong-ki Jeong has worked on a plethora of feature-length titles since 2004, such as Inhyeongsa (2004) and Return of the Mafia (2012). Whereas, Soyoung Lee has worked as a writer on a number of films, such as Hwaseongeuro gan Sanai (2003), and Robot Sound (2016). The film is based on the Web Comic Oksu Station Ghost, written and illustrated by Horang.

Kim Na-young, a reporter for an online magazine, is struggling at her current position after a number of unfortunate incidents have put her in bad press with her superiors. To make up for these transgressions, Na-young begins investigating odd rumours about the Oksu Train Station and the strange occurrences there to try to drive up ad revenue for her respective outlet. However, her inquisition, along with station attendant Choi Woo-Won, leads her to the discovery that the station has an incredibly dark connection to an abandoned orphanage nearby.


The Ghost Station 2022

The Ghost Station successfully creates a sense of foreboding dread by crafting a mounting tension from beginning to end. It simultaneously delivers an intrepid exploration of the supernatural; full of enigmatic twists and turns that keep the audience constantly guessing at the true nature of this metaphysical manifestation. Moreover, the film has distinct similarities to the Ringu franchise in narrative, possibly introduced into the story by Hiroshi Takahashi during the webcomic’s adaptation.

The use of lighting—or lack thereof—is a key aspect of The Ghost Station’s oppressive atmosphere. Whilst inside the titular Oksu Station, the effective lighting portrays an incredibly dingy location with lots of shadows and dimly lit areas. Likewise, what little light is implemented is used to great effect during the film’s tense supernatural encounters, with characteristic flickering and strobing aiding in drenching a scene in darkness whilst still providing adequate visuals. Furthermore, an impressive sound design further compounds the established unsettling ambiance. Featuring a score from renowned composer Kim Tae-Seong, known for his work on The Wailing (2016) and The Mimic (2017), the soundtrack provides a sinister perturbation that chaperons the visuals skillfully.


The Ghost Station 2022

Undoubtedly, the performances delivered by the lead protagonists Kim Na-young and Choi Woo-Won, played by Kim Bo-ra and Kim Jae Hyun respectively, provide a driving force for the plot. Their development over the course of the film, along with their strenuous relationship, alludes to a shifting dynamic throughout the movie.

A disturbing other-worldly mystery, The Ghost Station is a chilling adaptation of the popular webcomic that translates into the medium of cinema spectacularly. With its well-crafted atmosphere, amazing performances, and shocks aplenty; the contorted narrative is sure to keep the audience guessing as to what will happen next all the way to its thrilling conclusion.


We watched The Ghost Station at FrightFest 2023

FrightFest 2023

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