Alone With You (2021) Film Review – A Metaphysical Nightmare

Adam SymchukSep 29, 2021
Alone with You stille

There are many different types of fears that can fester in the mind, everyone on some level knows what their greatest nightmare is -…

Grimoire of Horror Halloween Season Book Recommendations

Grimoire of HorrorSep 28, 2021
Grimoire of Horror Halloween Season Book Recommendations

As fall approaches, it’s the perfect time to slow down, grab a cup of tea or spiced coffee, a cozy blanket, and settle in…

Yellow Dragon’s Village (2021) Film Review – Low Budget Insanity

Adam SymchukSep 28, 2021
Yellow Dragon's Village Film Review

The strength of the Japanese independent cinema has often rested on its ability to embrace absurdity and bring it together in a distinct yet…

The Exorcism of God (2021) Film Review – Tough Questions Require an Exorcist

Michael SeyfritSep 28, 2021
The Exorcism of God Film Review

The exorcism subgenre can be a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s so easy to rely on cheap makeup effects and jump scares in…

Luzifer (2021) Film Review – Religious Fervor and Unforgiving Isolation

Adam SymchukSep 27, 2021
Luzifer Film Review

“Every day we stray further from God’s light” may be a ‘meme-able’ saying, but it is one that is none-the-less true when we look…

V/H/S/94 (2021) Film Review – Found Footage Series Back With Vengeance

Adam SymchukSep 27, 2021

When the first V/H/S film was initially released in 2012, its impact on the horror community was immediately felt, creating shocking scenarios presented in…