The Summer Hikaru Died is an ongoing horror manga (currently at 4 volumes), written and illustrated by Mokumokuren. This is the second volume of the manga to be released in the West by Yen Press.

Note: This article covers Volume 2


The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2

“Yoshiki tried to pretend nothing was wrong, but the truth cannot be ignored. Hikaru is Gone. “Hikaru” is here. This new version is dangerous… or perhaps not? One thing’s for sure—Yoshiki doesn’t seem to be in harm’s way. In fact, “Hikaru” seems to want nothing more than to befriend him and protect him. Despite Rie’s warnings, Yoshiki chooses to extend the hand of friendship, hoping it will help “Hikaru” become more human. But in doing so, what might Yoshiki become…?”

Continuing to enthrall and disturb readers with its second volume, The Summer Hikaru Died  delves even deeper into the unsettling world where ordinary life intersects with the macabre. Whilst the initial volume had a stronger fixation on the changes that Haruki had undergone during his transformation, Volume 2 takes a different approach – choosing to instead focus on the struggles that Yoshiki undergoes trying to accept the new version of his dear friend.


The Summer Hikaru Died Vol 2

Picking up seamlessly from where the first volume left off, Mokumokuren certainly maintains the delicate balance between the uneventful and the supernatural. The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2’s pacing remains commendable, weaving a narrative that keeps readers hooked from page to page and masterfully plays with suspense.

The character development in this volume is particularly noteworthy. Yoshiki undergoes a profound transformation as he grapples with the distinctive changes unfolding in his friend. His internal struggles and the impact of Hikaru’s death on their relationships are portrayed with raw emotion. Additionally, the story’s slight homoerotic undertones persist into this next volume. Whilst maintaining a subtle inclusion similar to the first volume, their addition is still an important dynamic in the relationship between Yoshiki and Hikaru.


The Summer Hikaru Died Vol 2

Mokumokuren’s art style continues to impress, capturing both the mundane and horrific with equal finesse. The attention to detail in character expressions and backgrounds enhances the story’s emotional depth. The juxtaposition of ordinary scenes with moments of terror creates a disconcerting atmosphere that lingers, heightening the overall impact of the horror elements.

A solid protraction of this engrossing story, The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 is a masterful continuation of the series, skillfully combining slice-of-life elements with horror to create a uniquely unsettling experience. Mokumokuren’s storytelling prowess and artistic skill make this manga a must-read for fans of the genre, promising an unforgettable journey into the depths of darkness.


The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 is available to purchase from Yen Press’ website here.

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