lets make our teacher have a miscarriage

Eichi Sato, known better in the following years for his work on the live-action adaptations of Lychee Hikari Club (2016) and Miso Misou (2018), found his way to shock us from the very beginning with his debut movie. Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club (2011) is a film with many flaws, but its gut-punching premise will definitely take the viewer by surprise.

The group of middle school girls led by a teenage sociopath who wants to end their teacher’s pregnancy may sound too outrageous to give it a try. However, as the director stated, the plot is based on a real-life crime that happened in the Aichi prefecture. While some characters and events have been changed, like the gender of the perpetrators, that does not mean this movie is any less disturbing. On the contrary, it makes it an even more messed-up series of events.

映画「先生を流産させる会」 - 尾形修一の紫陽花(あじさい)通信

What’s Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club about?

Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club tells the story of Sawako, a middle school teacher struggling with rowdy teens and their overbearing parents who believe their kids can’t do any wrong. One day, she finds out she is pregnant and decides to share the news with her class. She gets mixed reactions from the people around them, especially from the group of problem girls led by Mizuki, a budding sociopath. They don’t like Sawako and think the whole thing is gross, so eventually, they decide it would be “fun” to prank her until she gets hurt enough to miscarry.

The reasons behind this decision vary among the kids. Some are just bored little shitlings, and some others are just followers, but in the case of Mizuki, it goes deeper. She is a neglected child struggling with her hatred towards motherhood and being a girl going through puberty. In a way, Sawako represents all she detests, so, in her mind, her violence makes sense. From then on, the girls found a club and every day find new ways to torment Sawako, like poisoning her food or messing with her chair. She finds out soon about their plan, but no one wants to listen. It is impossible that kids, above all, girls, can do something like this! Right?

先生を流産させる会」 の巻 映画 あらすじ | おうち映画

Is Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club good?

It is pretty clear this movie had a tight budget. The lighting and music design are a bit off, with the quality V-cinema. Still, that does not mean it has a subpar production, it is just a bit too amateurish for some. If you like the atmosphere of Katsumi and 4444444444 (1998) or even Daisuke Yamanouchi’s Red Room (1999), you will enjoy this film a lot.

As for the plot, this is where Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club shines the most. The pacing is unnerving and the dialogue is straight to the point. While there are a number of silent scenes, there are no embellishments or subtleties. Everything is exactly what it is, which is quite disturbing given the subject matter.

話題作が大阪上陸 『先生を流産させる会』七芸で公開 | キネプレ

Final Thoughts

Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club is an interesting movie that you should add to your watchlist if you are into more obscure Japanese films. It is not a masterpiece but it is neither mediocre nor forgettable. As we mentioned before, it is inspired by a real-life crime, so that levels up the horrifying factor. While the original case ended up with the teacher safe and sound and the culprits discovered, it is up to you to find out if these girls are successful in doing the unspeakable to their teacher.

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