Hello Kitty Murder Hong Kong

Fan Man-yee was a young adult who suffered unspeakable horrors, horrors that to this day, the world is still unsure of what transpired. A lonely figure who became a victim of the darkness that plagues the underbelly of the contemporary world. Her death marked a testament of the suffering that she had to endure, one that no living thing should ever experience.

Fan Man-yee was 23 years old when she succumbed to the wrath of Hong Kong’s criminal underground. After dealing in prostitution, Fan became a hostess at a local nightclub, paving her way into doom. That was when she caught the attention of 34 year old Chan Man-lok, a socialite who turned out to be both a pimp and drug dealer. Chan would always carry a posse with him, never alone but always proving to be a ruthless leader. Fan then became a part of his group, their relations to one another lasting no more than a year as she did not see past the year 1997.


Fan Man-yee found herself kidnapped, her assailants being no other than Chan’s own henchmen. They were after something that she had taken from him, his money. Currency is a green devil that can take hold of a person’s heart, pulling its strings to whatever content that person might hold, in exchange for amounting to a surplus of it. Did Fan’s crime against Chan hold any weight against the crimes that were committed against her? Fan was no longer heard of after that, her disappearance going unnoticed in the wave of young lives lost to street life.

Fan Man-yee’s spirit lived on though, in the most unconventional but disturbing of ways, through a Hello Kitty mermaid plush. Some say that spirits hold vessels that keeps them chained to this world, unwavering in their presence which haunts the localization of their death. This became apparent when Ah Fong, 14, became haunted by Fan’s spirit. Her dreams were no longer dreams as they became twisted nightmares, visions of Fan appearing through them, beckoning her to side with the light of justice.


Ah Fong had lived in the same apartment that Fan had been taken to when she was kidnapped; when upon arrival, Fan was consistently exposed to crimes that could only be described as inhuman and atrocious. The details of these crimes cannot be described to those who are faint of heart, or weak of stomach, so one must turn back now if they wish to remain blind to the horrors that humanity is capable of.

Fan Man-yee was raped violently by the members of Chan’s group, forced to be subject to their enjoyment, and another unheard sexual assault victim. Being only the tip of the spear, Fan’s skin became a plaything for the gang, being burned and stripped of its original texture. If this weren’t enough, she was constantly tortured by being beaten, kicked, and all other manners of physical abuse. This information was only known by Chan’s group, until Ah Fong finally decided to tell Hong Kong police, after being haunted by Fan’s spirit.


In addition to the horrors which occurred in that apartment, Ah Fong, another lonely child of the world had also partook in the terrible abuse of Fan Man-yee. She was also a part of Chan’s group and disturbingly enough, Chan’s girlfriend. This was the main driving force in the guilt of the young girl, which allowed her to side with justice. Not even the girl herself was able to give full account of the events that happened within that apartment, what unspeakable terror occurred, or the exact handling of the situation. It is only known that Fan was also forced to partake in the consumption of her feces, an event that alone would drive most mad. After the abuse and eventual death of Fan, Chan’s henchmen proceeded to saw off the body parts to rid of them and be clean of any evidence that might trace back to them. To be free of the distinguishable smell of rotting body parts, they also cooked them in the very same apartment, saving her head for last.

What happened to the rest of her body is unknown, but this is where one is brought back to that vessel to which Fan’s spirit attached itself to: the Hello Kitty mermaid plush. What police discovered after taking Ah Fong’s account into investigation, was perhaps a most gruesome way to finish the tale of Fan, her boiled skull which lay in the plush, sewn close as to avoid discovery.

Was it guilt that drove Ah Fong to tell the police or an apparition of Fan’s spirit which had attached to the mermaid plush? Perhaps a combination of both would turn even the most hardened soul into an insane frenzy of terror.

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