After Death 2023

Is There Life After Death?

After Death (2023) is a gripping film that explores the afterlife based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and survivors. From the New York Times bestselling authors who brought you titles like 90 Minutes in Heaven, Imagine Heaven, and To Heaven and Back, emerges a cinematic peek into the unknown that examines the spiritual and scientific dimensions of mortality, inviting viewers to contemplate the possibility of life after death.”


After Life

Co-Director Stephen Gray (with Chris Radtke) had a mission to fulfill after the accidental death of his brother-in-law: to determine what happens when we die. After six years of research that involved interviews with medical doctors, scientists, religious leaders, and survivors of near-death experiences (NDEs), Angel Studios released After Death to select theatres on October 27, 2023. Now, After Death is coming to digital download.

Every civilization on Earth has contemplated man’s purpose during life, and what happens after death. Every religion has an answer that they dogmatically believe in. This is why religion still exists, to give people something to believe in that will make them both follow societal rules and keep them moving toward the mystical goal of a reward after a life well-lived. Even atheists believe in something: that there is no God or divine ruler, and that life ceases when the body dies. With so many diverse ideologies that could have been explored in this film, it’s a shame that Gray chose to focus only on Christianity. Viewers be forewarned: this is a Christian, faith-based film, which is all it ever claimed to be, but reviewers are having a hard time accepting that. For those who are devout Christians, you will love After Death.


After Death

After Death features a series of fascinating interviews with medical doctors, scientists, authors, and survivors of near-death experiences (NDEs), all of whom recount their discoveries and tragedies in a beautifully choreographed display of cinematic excellence. The scientific discoveries discussed by Dr. Michael Sabom (cardiologist) and Dr. Amjal Zemmar (neuroscientist) will be new to many viewers interested in NDE studies, and lend credence to the otherwise religion-based testimonies of the survivors. Dr. Raymond Moody is a well-known psychiatrist, philosopher, and author, most famous for his first book Life After Life, released in 1975. Since then, he has been venerated as the leading expert in NDEs, having coined the term himself. His participation in this film is another boon to the legitimacy of the message Gray and Radtke are trying to convey. Between their interviews are the more sobering discussions with the survivors, whose tales are re-enacted with impactful visuals that demand an emotional response from the viewer.

Interview scenes are shared with long panning shots of nature, graphic depictions of the universe, and a powerful soundtrack that plays in the background from start to finish, swelling to amplify the emotional impact of the subject’s words and what we see on the screen before us. The visuals really are stunning, hypnotic, like something designed for IMAX theatres. One could argue that we are being shown the world through “God’s eyes”, which is similar to how every survivor describes their NDE. In all cases, they reported light that was beyond anything our human eyes can see, an enhanced colour spectrum, extreme mental clarity, and an overwhelming feeling of comfort/love. Gray and Radtke manage to stir these same feelings in the viewer with their expert direction of camera, graphics, sound, lighting, and storytelling during the panoramic, larger-than-life shots that should make us feel tiny, but instead make us feel like we can finally see


After Death

Whether you are religious or not, you’ve no doubt wondered about your own existence and its inevitable end. While a more well-rounded film may have appealed to a wider audience, After Death is still a thing of beauty that deserves the accolades it is receiving. It’s a well-told story wrapped in mesmerizing packaging, and it will lift the spirits of viewers who resonate with the message. 

After Death (2023) is available to download digitally from March 11th from Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment’s website here.

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