Mannequin Silent Hill Monster

Hello peeps, I am William Gelineau and today writing for GOH! Here I will rank and list my favourite exclusive monsters appearing in Silent Hill and Silent Hill Revelations, film adaptations of Konami’s psychological horror franchise. While we’re all familiar with the quaint little town of Silent Hill and even more so the monsters that roam halls of the beloved games, the two Silent Hill films are based on the first and third entries of Konami’s hit video game series: Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 3. They had designed some original monsters for these films to surprise new and long-running fans of the series, here I will explore those.


Colin Silent Hill Monster Movie


Previously the Midwich Elementary School’s janitor, Colin plays a significant role across all three dimensions seen in the films. In the real world, he sexually assaulted Alessa Gillespie which added to her resentment of the town. In the Fog world, his mangled corpse becomes a means of leaving another clue for Rose DaSilva in finding out what happened to Silent Hill. However, this corpse turns into a nightmare in the Otherworld, where Colin’s twisted form can be seen lashing out his blackened tongue while corroding everything he touched with festering sores as he blindly and painfully drags himself screaming towards Rose on his genitals. His design was so well received that Konami asked Christophe Gans if they may use it in a later game, resulting in the Caliban enemies from Silent Hill Origins. This is hands down the greatest and most practical design in the Silent Hill film series that is not only important to the story and lore of the films, but also remained very simplistic in its design while encompassing the series’ theme of rot and decay.

Mannequin Monster

Mannequin Silent Hill Monster


A spider-like hybrid of flesh and broken mannequins that leaves a web of plastic to entrap it’s victims, at which point it cocoons them in shrink wrapping until it’s time to convert the unlucky souls into more mannequin pieces so it can rebuild it’s deteriorated form. This creature would have easily been a boss encounter had it been featured in the games. Despite ranking in at second place, it holds little to no relevance to the story or lore of the town and was comprised entirely of very poor looking 3D CGI special effects. The concept and general visual design here is great, the execution was sadly flawed. On a final note, it has the worst name of any original monster from the films.


Delusion Silent Hill Monster

As Heather escapes the man following her at her school, she begins experiencing hallucinations of creatures inhabiting the city streets and nearby mall. These hallucinatory entities are the Delusions. While getting very little screen time, they’re one of the more important new additions to the film in that they’re responsible for Heather’s inability to live a normal everyday life between run-ins with the Cult of Valtie. Right up until Harry’s disappearance, they had haunted and beckoned her to return to Silent Hill. Outside of the story, their simple design reminds me of Colin to a lesser degree and are largely practical in effect and I like the way their sewn shut faces looked irritated at the seams and haphazardly stitched together really bodes well to series design philosophy. The biggest drawback to them being that they merely serve as cheap jumpscares in the real world and don’t even technically exist outside of Heather’s hallucinations. An added note, they look right at home with Downpour’s monster gallery.


Silent Hill Missionary Monster

Sharing both its name and general importance to the story as being responsible for perpetrating the death/kidnapping of Heather’s father (death in game, kidnapping in film), one could argue that this isn’t a film exclusive creature. However, aside from that, The Missionary is an entirely separate entity from that of its game counterpart, instead being the ‘True Form’ of Claudia Wolfe. This creature would then attempt to kill off Heather in a fit of rage for her changing Claudia to this form, only to then be attacked and killed by Heather’s protector, Dark Pyramid. The Missionary used to rank higher on this list and still comes in at a very close 3rd place for the practicality of the costume… If it weren’t for the fact someone told me she’s essentially a Cenobite. I can not unsee it now.


Lobotomy Silent Hill Monster

The Lobotomy is encountered by Heather as she enters the Brookhaven Asylum. When Heather feels the creature’s presence nearby, it ambushes her and pins her to the ground right before she pulls out her handgun and shoots it through its deformed mouth. This monster’s design was probably the weakest in terms of design due to it’s uninspired nature and large vibrantly pink exposed brain. The brain itself also has some form of mechanical components coming out its back which felt odd in terms of traditional Silent Hill creature design while it’s frail thin form made it feel even less like a genuine threat. It’s entire design conflicts with most design philosophies in the series in that it’s quite obviously a person with little to no mutilation or changes to the human form below its neck. While that may sound contradictory to Colin and the Delusions, they appear more disfigured and decrepit than Lobotomy… It just struck me as the standard enemy type of any horror game set in an asylum and the bright pink of its brain certainly didn’t help my stance in it looking insignificant as an enemy type.

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