Geungsi Gangster is an action thriller manga, written and illustrated by Singaporean artist Sean Lam, with additional writing from Junzi. The manga is part of Sean’s Geungsi series, working as a prequel to the previous two issues, Geungsi Vol. 1 & 2.

Meng and Violet are both descendants of a bloodline trained to hunt down an ancient undead called Geungsi. A trail of homicides and illegal businesses in the streets of Hong Kong leads the siblings into the den of a Triad underworld, where the slaughterhouse awaits.


Expanding on the backstory of one of our protagonists from the manga, Meng, Geungsi Gangster certainly utilises this opportunity to develop a deeper introspection of both the protagonist and the geungsi’s grasp over society. While Meng is presented as a character of strength in the first two volumes, this prequel displays a less-experienced version of the slayer and the tribulation he has had to endure in this ongoing war. Moreover, a whole host of new characters are introduced, such as Meng’s sister, Violet, their uncle, Tat, and Mike, a contact of theirs within Hong Kong’s police force, who aids in covering their tracks from the law.

Additionally, the geungsi, whilst introduced as hiding in the shadows of humanity in the previous volumes, are at the top of the food chain in Geungsi Gangster, cornering the illegal organ transplant market in Hong Kong’s savage underground. Opening up a market for these abhorrent creatures to sell the blood of their victims to sustain their population, whilst making huge profits from harvesting and selling the organs.


As the story deals with Hong Kong’s infamous criminal underbelly, the story certainly takes influence from the country’s vast crime thriller cinema of the 80s and 90s. The likes of Johnny To, Ringo Lam, John Woo, and many others have undoubtedly influenced both the manga’s narrative and artwork. The blending of cat-and-mouse investigative work, high-octane shootouts, and insight into the societal hierarchy of the Triads are certain to resonate with fans of the genre.

However, one problem with the manga is its short length, being noticeably briefer than the previous entries. While an exemplary effort has been made to make this volume immensely action-orientated, the narrative would have greatly benefited from exploring the family dynamic between Meng and the rest of the geungsi-hunting Golden Blood Clan. Despite this, the manga still makes an admirable attempt at exploring these aspects in its story and still successfully relays more plot details than were previously divulged in the last issues.


Another fantastic display of Sean’s distinct artwork, Geungsi Gangster expertly captures the distinct change of locale from Singapore to Hong Kong. From the tight back alleys to the busy teahouses, the backdrops in scenes feel unequivocal in their representation of a new setting. Furthermore, the art, once again, truly shines when portraying the more audacious scenes. Whilst the first two volumes had an even mix of narrative and action, the prequel seems to emphasise these high-octane scenes more—culminating in impressively fluid, adrenaline-fueled confrontations.

An intrepid, supernatural adventure into Hong Kong’s gangland underworld, Geungsi Gangster is a fantastic expansion of the universe created within volumes one and two. With its heavier focus on fast-paced action, references to the greats of Hong Kong crime thriller cinema, and deeper expansion of our main character, the manga is a must-read for fans of Sean’s superb supernatural manga series and the perfect initiation point for those interested in starting.

Geungsi Gangster is available to purchase from G&B Comics here or purchase directly from the artist’s Geungsi Facebook page here.

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