Food often plays a special role in horror, whether it is as a gross-out, a sentient adversary to be tackled, or the means by which a virus or alien mind control is disseminated. That’s why the team at Grimoire of Horror has compiled our list of the scariest and most influential food in horror movies, so grab a fork and dig in!

Pizza –Terrifier

There’s nothing better than a hot slice of ‘za when you’re having a wild night out on the town. Tara and Dawn have the wildest of nights ahead of them that will require lots of energy, so thankfully they kick off things with a nice big slice!

Toast – Drifting Classroom


A classic staple of breakfast foods, the humble slice of toast has had a lot of representation over the years in film. However, its best representation is in Drifting Classroom, even including the toast in mouth late for school anime trope!

Long-Grained White Rice – How To Disappear Completely


Rice – Good stuff.

Popcorn – Scream

Popcorn Scream

Appearing in the iconic opening sequence of Scream, and the famous brand of “Jiffy Pop”, it is unique as popcorn prepared on the stove to pop those kernels freshly – a novelty as a staple of the 90s! As her parents return home and witness these still popping, with no supervision whatsoever, the popcorn delivers a standout performance for a nonchalant existence signifying danger – oh boy! Here’s a live, edible prop to embolden a scene – it pops and steams for the duration!

Twinkies – Ghostbusters

Twinky Ghostbusters

The most audacious product placement until Zombieland, where Twinkies again assert a corporate dominance in marketing through cinema. Twinkies prove indispensable as a central plot focus and carrying the movie! The confectionery itself evolves beyond snack size and takes to the streets of New York as a sapient “kaiju” (ops, pedantic debate time) in an unexpected precursor to Cloverfield! Who would ever expect Twinkies to become a major antagonist and existential threat to cosmopolitan life? As fun trivia, Twinkies even released a themed Twinkies in tribute to Ghostbusters – stuffed with ‘ectoplasm’ opposed to the usual cream! 

Spaghetti- Se7en

We all have our comfort foods. But what if that food is forced upon you until you die as a way to represent one of the seven deadly sins, and you get to be gluttony? Maybe not so enjoyable… This film ruined spaghetti for quite some time for many viewers. Now, where are those meatballs?

Candy Bars- Trick r’ Treat

Not only featured in Trick r’ Treat, but also with a cameo appearance in Krampus, the Hollie-Ho bar is now iconic to horror fans. Representative of the rules of Halloween, don’t forget to check your candy. You never know what dangers might be lurking within the sweet caramel or nougat. Unless you deserve it, that is… If you’ve broken Sam’s rules, who are we to intervene? I think I need to go grab a candy bar now.

Apples- The VVitch: A New England Folktale

Apples play a symbolic role in The VVitch, appearing several times. Do you dare to give into the temptation of the forbidden fruit? I hear they are key to living deliciously, by the way of pies, tarts, struedal and more. They may even keep the doctor away, you know, if you’re immortal. All it takes is signing away your soul. Who needs that?

Cake – [REC]3: Genesis 

Everyone loves cake (unless you’re diabetic, I guess), and what could be better than a multi-tiered wedding cake? Enough for hundreds of people and sliced with a sword, who doesn’t love food and a show?

Doughnuts – The Flu

Doughnuts combined with a fresh cup of coffee is one of the best ways to catch up with an old friend and talk about the good ol’ times.

Honourable mention

 McDonalds – The Stuff

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