The Creepshow anthology series came back with a bang for Season 2, with fresh explorations of the modern age of technology and current socio-political landscapes, along with the well-known and loved camp homage to the original Creepshow and classic horror films such as Night of the Living Dead. We at Grimoire of Horror have ranked our favourite 3 episodes from the series for help with your viewing pleasure and in celebration of the iconic series being released on Blu-Ray!

#1 Night of the Living Late Show

Justin Long has become something of a Scream Queen in recent years, and his performance in Night of the Living Late Show only helps bolster this newly formed title. As the show’s final episode of Season 2, it went out on a soaring high note as the episode explores the changing landscape of technology that almost hearkens to Black Mirror’s unique exploration of VR gaming systems doomed to fail… Justin plays Simon, the horror movie fanatic and gamer, as he becomes enamoured with his new invention – The Immersipod. His obsession with the VR spin on Night of the Living Dead takes over his life to the detriment of his family and personal relationships. Simon becomes fixated on the Horror Express and infatuated by the fictional Countess, motivated by his desire for her he spends more and more of his waking time strapped into the Immersipod. The change in direction for the finale of Season 2 kept the season fresh and spiced up as well as including improved set designs and the quality of SFX, this episode isn’t one to miss!

#2 Model Kid

Model Kid was the premiere episode of Season 2, the story follows quirky and endearing Joe as he navigates his grief and new life after sadly losing his mother to her terminal illness. The exposition of Joe’s close and tender relationship with his mum made her passing all the more heart-wrenching to the audience, especially as Joe was then forced to live with his abusive uncle who doesn’t understand nor cares for Joe’s passion for vintage horror. Joe is constantly the victim of a barrage of bullying from not only his uncle but the infamous school bullies. Fear not, reader, because Joe eventually enacts his revenge in a sweet and fitting manner which delights in being both vindicating and cathartic!

#3 Pesticide

Pesticide, a standout episode from Creepshow Season 2, delivered an uproarious and chilling experience for the viewer. Harlan King, the crass exterminator portrayed by the talented Josh McDermitt of The Walking Dead, takes center-stage as he is enlisted by the mysterious and wealthy Murdoch, played by the always captivating Keith David. The narrative takes a dark turn as Harlan discovers he is tasked with exterminating a different kind of pest— the homeless.

The episode seamlessly blends horror and humour, with practical effects showcasing grotesque giant bugs that haunt Harlan’s nightmares. The homage to the original Creepshow and exploration of socio-economic power dynamics add depth to the narrative as Pesticide cleverly challenges perceptions of who the real monsters are, delivering a gripping and thought-provoking tale that showcases the best of Creepshow’s practical effects and storytelling prowess.

Creepshow Season 2 is available to purchase on Blu-ray now!

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