A notorious adult animation, Advancer Tina is a 1997 sci-fi horror OVA written by Wataru Amano and directed by Kan Fukumoto (director of the infamous La Blue Girl anime). The OVA was released in Japan by Green Bunny Productions, a subsidiary of Access-A INC, and in the West by the animation studio Kitty Media, a subsidiary of Media Blasters. The OVA is also featured in their Best of Kitty Volume 1 compilation release.

 The year is 3113. Thirty centuries have passed since the Earth was consumed by toxic pollutants, forcing mankind to flee into the galaxy in search of life-sustaining habitats. Enter Advancers—brave explorers who risk their lives exploring uncharted worlds for humans to live on. To unite these new worlds, a contemporary interplanetary government was formed, with all-new planets and space colonies falling under its jurisdiction: The Allied Earth Government, the Domestic Union of Arms (DUA).

Tina Reloading

When the DUA sends out Advancers to explore a mysterious planet called Omega 13, one by one, Advancers pay the price with their lives—never to return from their mission. Mugal, a top DUA officer proposes the job to an unlikely candidate named Tina Owens; a renegade Advancer serving a 2,000-year sentence for blowing up an entire planet. The mission is simple: locate habitable land on Omega 13. If Tina doesn’t accept the job, she will rot in prison. If Tina accepts, her sentence will be slightly reduced, with the risk of death. While there’s no doubt the trip to Omega 13 is filled with peril, nothing can compare to what awaits the crew once they arrive on the deadly planet.

One of the notable aspects of Advancer Tina is its visually stunning animation. The character designs feature some impeccable detail, and the action sequences are well-animated, incorporating futuristic elements and advanced weaponry. The art style captures the cyberpunk aesthetic effectively, immersing viewers in a gritty and technologically advanced world.

Tentacle monster

The character development in Advancer Tina is adequate, with Tina herself being portrayed as a complex and multi-dimensional protagonist. Her journey to uncover the truth about her past and her internal struggle to balance her human and cyborg identities are central themes that add depth to her character.

A noteworthy addition to both the body horror and adult genres, Advancer Tina is a blood-thirsty piece of X-rated anime sure to entertain fans of both. With its incredibly detailed and fluid animation, dynamic characters, and elaborately crafted universe, the anime is an exemplary representation of skill for an undeniably niche market, certainly limiting its mainstream allure due to the mass amount of adult material. Despite this, Advancer Tina is still one of my favourites, successfully encompassing the duality of its genres perfectly. 

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