To all the B-movie fanatics out there, these new releases are bringing the madness to Troma-Now this March! Subscribers will be pleased to catch the long-anticipated season finale of Troma Team favorite, Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre. Additionally, celebrate International Women’s Day with fem-forward gems like Quarantine Girl and A World Away.

Girl in Quarantine Poster



A World Away Poster

A full list of incoming titles can be found below:


-Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre (current episode for March)

-A Few Screws Loose


-A World Away

-Bikini House Calls

-Baby Girl

-Revolt Of The Empire Of The Apes

-I See You

-War Raiders

-Girls After Dark


-Five Piece

-Maid Droid

-Quarantine Girl

-Kill Plan

-Lycan Colony

-Night Cops

-Wicked Game


-Deadly Western


Redneck Zombies HD poster


-Redneck Zombies (HD!!!)


-Frog Boyz

-Charlie The Cancelled Skeleton


-Mickey Dogface

-Ask Professor Blake: Prolapse

-Lust, Magic, and the Witches’ Sabbath

Mickey Dogface Poster



Happy streaming! And remember, if you sign up today, your first month of Troma-Now is on the house.

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