I’d like to praise one of the oddest minds you´ll find out there, a one of a kind visionary with a bizarre taste for the macabre: the one and only Hideshi Hino.

´´Am I deranged?, all my tales are based on the sins that I´ve committed. Wherever I go, I bring the shadow of death with me. Whatever the tale I write, it´s written with the curse of the dead.“

These are the words pronounced by the mangaka in ´Hideshi Hino´s Theater of Macabre´ movie series opening sequence. The mangaka based his work on his life experiences, especially the ones he had during the WW2 era and the aftermath caused by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing.


An author capable of portraying the most gruesome, horrifying, nightmarish and pessimistic landscapes ever imagined, images full of rotten and/or mutilated bodies with a side of juicy maggots and pus. As a result, Hideshi Hino has the ability to control the spectator´s emotions as if he was an orchestra director, making them go from laughter to disgust with a turn of a page.


Hino is also the man responsible of creating one of the most infamous movie series ever made, the depraved Guinea Pig series when taking the director´s chair for two of the most notorious entries from the six: Flower of Flesh and Blood´ and Mermaid in a Manhole. The films’ gained popularity in the underground videotape circuits for depiction of extreme gore and violence, spawning an American series produced by Unearthed Films starting in 2014.


Hino´s writing and drawing style hides a very twisted poetry reminiscent of the romantic style of such authors as Edgar Allan Poe, a style that allows the reader to go through the author´s mind, experiencing first hand the horrors that roams around his subconscious (a one way ticket to the most remote places located in the depths of hell). Ultimately, a work of pure genius for eliciting strong emotions often hidden away.

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