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With E3’s first full online event coming to a close, we thought we would do a quick rundown of the treasure trove of horror games under development and set for release across the upcoming 2021/2022 period.  There were a plethora of horror themed videogames being advertised, from Triple A studios to small indie dev teams […]

Next Door

Junji Ito has become one of the most popular an influential creators within the modern horror landscape, with his style permeating across continental borders to make him a household name among the fandom. Unsurprisingly, many creators have become inspired by the twisted visions of Ito and his work has become influential across various mediums. Enter NextDoor,  […]

Resident Evil Village Review

Recovering from trauma caused by the Louisiana incident of 2017, Ethan Winters now attempts a peaceful life with his wife, Mia, and his newborn daughter, Rosemary, in the faraway continent of Europe. This all ends one night when Chris Redfield raids his home, killing his wife along with kidnapping his daughter and him. Ethan is […]

Mannequin Silent Hill Monster

Hello peeps, I am William Gelineau and today writing for GOH! Here I will rank and list my favourite exclusive monsters appearing in Silent Hill and Silent Hill Revelations, film adaptations of Konami’s psychological horror franchise. While we’re all familiar with the quaint little town of Silent Hill and even more so the monsters that […]

As a gamer, it took me a long time to get around to playing any visual novels. With the assumption that all visual novels were redundant dating sims, I avoided playing any until it was suggested I play Doki Doki Literature Club. After this, I realised that these games can be an excellent way to […]

 Hello, everybody, this is Anthony and in this article I will explore the ghostly video game series ZERO, a.k.a Fatal Frame in North America a.k.a Project Zero in Europe and Australia.  A series most true to the roots of J-Horror. I’ll focus mostly on the first PS2 trilogy here, not the Nintendo entries. Prepare your […]


Straight Outta Kanto is aware that you freaks love nothing more than destroying treasured childhood memories. In fact, thanks to the advent of such perverse past times on the internet, new words such as “Nightmare Fuel” and “Creepypasta” have now been added to the urban dictionary. Video games of course are a huge part of […]

You’d be forgiven, dear reader, for being incredulous at something as childish as Pokémon appearing on our page. Yes, yes. Straight Outta Kanto can imagine what you’re thinking. Pokémon is for kids! It isn’t scary! Or is it? Consider this, oh noble reader: Pokémon are in essence beasts. Beasts whose design and biological make-up are […]

For those who haven’t read, watched, or played any of the Higurashi franchise, it is based upon a visual novel series by Riyukishi07. All of the stories are set up in question and answer arcs. The four question arcs are presented first, followed by the four answer arcs, so that whichever media you experience, you […]


You may already be aware of the hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order, which has a really fun mix of anime, historical figures, folklore, waifus and even some sci-fi elements! Right now, the game is hosting one of its most anticipated events: Records of the Enma-tei’s Prosperity. A New Year’s event which heavily features many different […]