“Fright-Rags is an American company known for releasing apparel based on horror films and other horror-related media. The company was founded in 2003 by Ben Scrivens, and is based in Rochester, New York.” You can check out our recent interview with Ben, where we talked about Fright Rags and horror cinema. In addition, make sure […]

Check out our newest interview with James Cilano and Alex DiVincenzo, the masterminds behind Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan. They have been hard at work releasing beloved classics as well as new fan favorite horror films on VHS. We were delighted to get a chance to speak to them about the love of VHS, […]

Uncle Peckerhead review

The Grimoire of Horror is proud to present our first foray into video content with an interview with director Matthew John Lawrence and actor David Littleton  of the punk rock indie horror Uncle Peckerhead (2020). This instant cult hit is easily available for VOD on digital streaming services from Amazon Prime to Tubi. Our review […]

Karl Holt Interview Benny Loves You

These are strange times indeed. Upheaval and uncertainty on a such a global scale leave one quaking in the shadow of the Unknown. It’s in instances like these that we tend to crave security. Nostalgia trends are at an all time high as people desperately try to cocoon and burrow themselves in the carefree, comfortable […]

Mark Gagne horror art interview

The work of artist Mark Gagne strongly resonated with me on first impression, particularly the placing of shadow figures into a decayed landscape through photography. ‘Shadow people’, have become a staple of horror film, literature, and art, through instilling a sense of dread in many. However, there is a more personal view and analogy of […]