Stalking the night, with the pallor of a corpse, thirsting for the blood of humans, living amongst the plague-ridden vermin and predatory beasts. Throughout the centuries, they have gone by many names — Galli, Empusa, Alukah, Estries — but we know them most commonly today as Vampires. Since the early days of civilization, the specter […]

It is an understatement to say that the horror genre owes a lot to art direction. Inside the domain of art direction, set design is one of the most noticeable components of the allure, the atmosphere and the mood that wrap a great horror story. From the shabby cabin in The Evil Dead (1981) to […]

The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley itself is a simple, if interesting, phenomenon. When plotted on a graph expressing how acceptable a humanlike object is, it can be demonstrated that something not at all like a human is fine and then a perfect replica is again fine… Yet there is a drastic drop off before one of these […]


Fear, to be afraid, is obviously a cornerstone of horror. Yet what exactly it is is specific and possible to explore. At its simplest fear is the anticipation. The “unpleasant emotion” that comes from being threatened, or from a potential threat to others. Fear is what builds up before something actually happens, or after an […]

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“I have varicose veins and I hate to shop at malls,” said the caller on the infomercial. It’s a throwaway line in John Schesinger’s Pacific Heights, probably pulled from an actual ad airing in the Bay Area at the time. If not, it’s shockingly realistic. But in the context of the film, it’s just there […]

What’s up sickos. Felix here to give you my thoughts on the American Guinea Pig series. This continuation of the Japanese cult series comes courtesy of the fine folks at Unearthed Films. Who have been delivering the filthiest films from around the world to gore-hounds everywhere for over 18 years now. If you’re a horror […]

  Do something for me first, before you start reading. Put on the soundtrack to Transistor – the developers, Supergiant Games kindly uploaded it for you to listen to. I’m sat here typing this article now with the music playing. Take the time and get into the mood for a world ending… Something else. If […]

Hey everyone, Joe here and today I want to talk about podcasts. More specifically, audio-drama horror podcasts. So what makes a horror audio-drama podcast special? Or, maybe I can make my point with another question: What makes a horror movie special? Horror movies are generally known because they make you feel some form of dread, […]

What do traditional Romero zombies and VHS era classic mascot slashers have in common? They’re slow, but they’re implacable. They will just keep on coming, and coming, until you make a mistake or just get unlucky, until they inevitably catch you… Now, you know where this gets cool and more than a little primal? Human […]